Every unique gun, armor, and science weapon in The Outer Worlds

Every unique gun, armor, and science weapon in The Outer Worlds


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As you'll be able to think about, this does not supply up a lot safety, however you'll get a sneak assault bonus when sporting it. Discover it on the physique of a lifeless Sublight member within the Deserted Relay Station on Monarch.

Yeah, it seems to be cheesy and such as you'll be chasing aligators and kangaroos round Australia. On the brilliant aspect, it provides you a +1 bonus to your notion. Earn it by finishing the search "All Halcyon in a Day."

A set of heavy physique armor that provides +5 to your ranged weapons expertise. Not probably the most trendy, however it will get the job accomplished.

This heavy armor boasts lots of buffs that improve your carry weight, melee weapon expertise, and protection. You'll find this set of armor in a container within the sealed relay station on Monarch through the mission "Sucker Bait."

This trendy outfit does not do a lot for you in the best way of safety and protection, nevertheless it does add +10 to your lockpicking talent. Plus you will simply look cool sporting it.

Regardless of its identify, it does not supply a lot safety from Raptidons particularly, nevertheless it does add +5 to dialog expertise. It's discovered on a desk on the primary flooring of the Roseway Luxurious Flats.

In contrast to this set's helmet, the armor is definitely pretty helpful with +5 added to your tech expertise. It may also be discovered on the Marauder River Camp South of Terra One Publications on Monarch.