Geek Trivia: Before The Advent Of Granulated Sugar, Sugar Was Sold To Consumers In?

Geek Trivia: Before The Advent Of Granulated Sugar, Sugar Was Sold To Consumers In?


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A pair of sugar nips in a special sugar collection box.

Reply: Loaves

That is a type of issues that, to a contemporary shopper, appears downright bizarre and impractical: sugar was bought in a “loaf” that you simply, the buyer, have been chargeable for smashing up into usable sugar.

When cane sugar was refined into white refined sugar, it was poured into giant conical molds after the ultimate boiling. These molds had a gap on the backside which allowed the syrups and non-crystalline materials within the uncooked sugar to empty down into assortment containers. On the finish of the method, there can be a conical “loaf” of refined sugar left within the mould and a amount of molasses syrup within the assortment container. This might be adopted by drying the loaf in a range room, trimming to refine the loaf’s form, and wrapping it in paper.

That’s the place the refinement course of stopped till granulated and cubed sugar processes have been launched within the late 19th century. Shoppers have been bought the entire huge hunk of sugar and it was as much as them to interrupt the sugar aside. There have been even specialised instruments used for the duty. Many houses had “sugar nips” and picket assortment bins whereby the sugar could possibly be nipped/crushed with the plier-like device and gathered within the backside of the field to be used.

Given what a problem such practices can be, we will solely think about that till sliced bread got here alongside, individuals exclaimed: “That is the most effective factor since granulated sugar!” Pre-sliced bread, for the curious, wasn’t obtainable to shoppers till 1928.