Geek Trivia: The First Form Of Email Attachment Encoding Was?

Geek Trivia: The First Form Of Email Attachment Encoding Was?


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Geek Trivia

The First Type Of E mail Attachment Encoding Was?





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An example of early email attachment encoding
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Reply: Uuencode

Lengthy earlier than there have been discrete e mail attachments and the MIME format that made such attachments ubiquitous, there was uuencode. The very first e mail attachments have been distributed utilizing a binary-to-text protocol based mostly on the Unix packages uuencode (Unix-to-Unix encoding) and uudecode (Unix-to-Unix decoding). Uuencode allowed customers to take a binary file (reminiscent of a spreadsheet doc or picture file) and alter its native binary format right into a block of textual content that could possibly be embedded into the physique of an e mail.

On this style, information like pictures might be transformed right into a medium that might be inserted right into a plain-text e mail after which retrieved and decoded on the opposite finish by the recipient utilizing uudecode. The method was sometimes guide and required the recipient to know what they have been taking a look at (and what to do with it), however within the days earlier than automated e mail attachments and a clear attachment system, it allowed email-based file distribution with (relative) ease.

Uuencoding and uudecoding have been additionally extensively used to distribute information by way of the worldwide dialogue board system Usenet all through the late 20th century the place it loved longer-lasting reputation than it did within the e mail area (the place utilization tapered off quickly after the introduction of the MIME system).