Geek Trivia: Which Early Video Game Console Offered Perfect Arcade-To-Home Game Ports?

Geek Trivia: Which Early Video Game Console Offered Perfect Arcade-To-Home Game Ports?


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A stock photograph of the Neo Geo on a white background
The SNK Company

Reply: Neo Geo

The Neo Geo was a fourth-generation house online game console that was touted as one of the best online game console of its age. Objectively, it was fairly a marvel of online game computing energy for its period and sported a quick processor, a classy sprite system to render background layers (as an alternative of simply tiling photographs), a 15-channel sound processing system, and a reminiscence card system for storing recreation knowledge.

These options alone made the Neo Geo a top-of-its-class recreation console on its launch date in 1990, however what actually set the console aside from each different console available on the market was the seamless shift between arcade play and residential play. The SNK Company, the corporate behind the Neo Geo, constructed their arcade platform and their house console platform utilizing equivalent hardware and, as such, the sport you performed on the arcade might be ported for launch on your own home console with zero translation. This meant no lack of options, no gameplay bugs, and the purest arcade-to-home-play expertise out there. On choose arcade machines, you would even convey your reminiscence card from residence and cargo your progress and characters into the arcade recreation.

That type of processing energy, purity of play, and superior function set got here at a steep worth, nevertheless. The Neo Geo retailed for $649.99 ($1,295 adjusted for inflation), which put it nicely outdoors the budgets of nearly all of players.