Geek Trivia: The Largest Nests In The World Are Built By?

Geek Trivia: The Largest Nests In The World Are Built By?


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Geek Trivia

The Largest Nests In The World Are Constructed By?


California Condors

Sociable Weavers


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A large sociable weaver nest
Mike Peel/Wikimedia

Reply: Sociable Weavers

If sociable weavers had a human analog, they’d be the architects and development crews that construct high-rise house buildings able to housing hundreds of individuals. Sociable weavers are small African birds roughly the dimensions of the widespread sparrow and with comparable coloration. Regardless of their diminutive measurement, they pool their power and assets into constructing monumental multi-family and multi-generational nests.

Colonies as giant as 500 or extra sociable weavers work collectively to assemble nests that sometimes weigh greater than 2,000 kilos and may simply exceed the dimensions of a small bus. It’s not unusual to see a tree bent beneath the load of their nests and never remarkable for his or her prolific constructing to outright buckle or snap the tree they’ve chosen as a number platform. The nests can have upwards of 100 discrete chambers, which makes the sociable weaver “hives” one of many largest steady vertebrate buildings within the animal kingdom.